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  • Women’s Health
  • Holistic wellbeing
  • Trauma-informed approaches
  • Life Stage Transitions
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Co-Founder & Clinical Psychologist

I offer a safe, creative space for people to clear away the debris of early conditioning or difficult life experiences, identify strengths and resources and re-connect with their sense of wholeness and authenticity so they they can live the lives they truly want.

While I make space for symptom management, I am also interested in supporting an understanding of why symptoms might exist, and considering them in the context of the whole person; mind, body and spirit, since these are all intricately linked. I believe that an inclusive, holistic approach is one that produces real, fundamental change that impacts all areas of our lives. When we truly come to know and accept ourselves, when we come home to our True Selves, everything else falls in to place.

I draw on a variety of proven psychological therapies, including EMDR, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and MindBody therapies (psychological therapies that include the ‘felt sense’ of the body), as well as CBT and Mindfulness-based approaches, to co-create with clients a nurturing, supportive, non-judgmental experience for growth, change and flourishing.

I accept Medicare referrals, which entitle people to claim approximately $125 of my usual $195 fee, for 10 sessions per calendar year.



I am a Clinical Psychologist with 25 years of experience in public and private health settings.

I completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in London, UK in 1996 and numerous post-qualification trainings, including EMDR Level I and 2, Cognitive Analytic Therapy Practitioner and Supervisor Training and MindBody therapies. I am also a facilitator of yoga and meditation.

As a human, I have experienced my own difficulties and challenges, and have used a variety of approaches to self-development and growth. I truly believe, from my own experience, that our greatest pain, our biggest challenges, those moments in life that pull us up short, can be our most important moments; that have us stop, reflect, heal and re-align to our authentic self and our true paths.


Kirstie is available 8am – 3pm on Wednesdays, 8am – 5.30 pm on Thursdays, 9am – 3pm on Fridays


You can call or text Kirstie on 0406 481 093 or you can submit your enquiry using the form below.